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Two Plus Two Poker Strategy Magazine - February 2015 Publisher Note - by Mason Malmuth
Feburary 2015 notes from Mason Malmuth.
Tonking versus Newhouse, Part 2 - by Andrew Brokos
In part 2 of a two part article, Andrew Brokos discusses the contraversial hand against William Tonking that caused Mark Newhouse to exit the final table of the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event in ninth place.
Betting in Position on the River - by Jacob Danbolt Ajer
Jacob Ajer discusses what to do int his situation: you are in position on the river against one opponent. Your opponent checks. Should you bet or check back?
Is Check-raising the New Continuation Bet in Small Stakes Live Game - by Carlos Welch
Carlos Welch discusses check-raising the new continuation bet in small stakes poker.
Two Book Reviews - by Nick Christenson
Nick Christenson reviews the books Poker's 1% by Ed Miller and The Moneymaker Effect by Eric Raskin.
Omaha 8 or Better for Beginners - by Frank Jerome
Frank Jerome discusses omaha 8 or better for beginnners, concentrating on fixed limit games.
Status of Las Vegas Poker, Winter 2015 - by Bryan Clark
Bryan Clark surveys Las Vegas poker rooms both on and off the strip.
PPA February Update - by Rich Muny
Rich Muny provides this timely update on the activities of the Poker Players Alliance along with a discussion Sheldon Adelson's attempt to influence Congress towards banning online poker.
How to Use What They Say and Do to Beat Them - by Ray Zee
Ray Zee discusses the importance of paying attention to what your opponents say and do to maximize profit in poker.
Better to Forget - by Felipe Garcia, CFA and Aaron Byrd, CFA
Felipe Garcia and Aaron Byrd suggest not trading frequently in a highly volatile stock market such as that experienced during January 2015.
The Never-ending Search for Value - by Nick Willet
Nick Willet examines a number of different value strategies using metrics from a variety of providers, using horse racings Breeders Cup as an example.
Classic Article: Tilt — A Mathematical View - by Mason Malmuth
In this classic article Mason Malmuth discusses a mathematical model of tilt.

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